The “Who”

davidHi. I’m Brian. I created this site as a tool to inspire others to change the world.

I believe world change begins at home, and home begins right where you are. Before you can change the world, you must first change yourself. Changing yourself is a daily, lifelong process that requires humility, openness and great discipline.

I used to be a therapist. Several years ago, I switched gears and decided to become a life coach. The former requires listening to and helping people reverse their problems. The latter requires listening to people with a goal to understand what makes them extraordinary. In my opinion, it’s a much more forward-thinking practice. Instead of pointing out what’s wrong with you (or encouraging you to figure it out by digging up your worst repressed memories), my aim is to help you see everything amazing about yourself and to take those traits and apply them toward positive life change.

I live with my wife and two kids in Charlotte, North Carolina. One of those 2 kids happens to have a full coat of black fur and a yappie bark. πŸ™‚

A few of my favorite things: walks on the beach, skinny dipping in the ocean, red wine, good sushi, my wife’s smile and my daughter’s laugh.

All advice on this site is yours to keep, free of charge. I truly hope it is helpful and encouraging as you journey along the path set before you.

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